Philip Wilson
Philip WilsonManaging Director and Co-Founder
With over 20 years experience in the communications sector, Philip has a background in electronic design and product development. Having worked in the UK, USA and Finland with companies such as Teledyne, Filtronic, Ericsson, Borg Warner and Nokia, Philip has driven the realisation of many cellular and defence technologies from concept through to manufacture.

With an eye for detail and a flair for operational leadership, Philip ensures Slipstream Design puts technical excellence at the heart of everything it does. Constantly striving to learn and improve, Philip makes certain the company sets high standards and delivers true quality to its customers.

Having led Slipstream Design through its inception and early years, Philip is now the driving force behind its next phase of growth.

Dr Mike Roberts
Dr Mike RobertsTechnical Director and Co-Founder
After achieving his PhD from Leeds University and working at the forefront of the electronics industry for 16 years, Mike has a strong blend of technical and commercial experience. He has worked as the technical lead with a range of multi-national companies such as Canon, Nokia-Siemens-Networks, Ericsson, Filtronic and Teledyne. A recognised expert in high frequency RF design, Mike has received numerous awards for his research and development work.

Mike has a passion for engineering and thrives on new technical challenges. His willingness to develop his technical knowledge ensures that Slipstream Design remains at the forefront of high speed electronic design.

Our Valuable Team Members

Phil and Mike are supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, project managers and administrators. With a passion for wireless and digital product design our team are technical experts in their field who understand the importance of commercial requirements.

The team includes:

  • RF Engineers
  • High speed Digital Engineers
  • Embedded Software Engineers
  • Hardware Designers
  • RF and Digital Technicians