Digital and Analogue Design expertise

Slipstream Design provides leading edge Digital and Analogue design services to the Communication, Aerospace and Security industries.

With a specialised interest in high speed designs, signal integrity and the constraint of low power consumption, Slipstream Design has assisted our clients with the development of:

  • Low noise power supplies
  • Control electronics for complex RF systems
  • High speed and mixed signal multilayer PCBs

What Sets Us Apart?

  • FPGA and VHDL
  • Consideration of signal and power integrity
  • Implementation of complex algorithms in cost-effective processors
  • Holistic consideration for system level requirements
  • Provision for parameter adjustment
  • Inherent flexibility for ease of system integration
  • Robust part create and component approval
  • Thorough design review gates

High Speed Digital Design Altera FPGA

Digital and Analogue Design

Electronic hardware design comes hand in hand with constraints. Whether commercial or technical, we understand meeting power consumption requirements, noise levels or bill of material costs are just as important as delivering on functionality. Our clients rely on us to deliver electronic consideration for the whole system.

Working closely as part of your development team or as a stand alone R&D function, our high calibre engineers can take Digital and Analog designs from concept to prototype, through to volume production. When resource is tight we can pick up discrete development tasks and run in parallel with your in-house team, helping to ensure you keep on track.

Typical project activities can include:

  • Design simulation
  • Schematic capture and layout
  • Prototype build
  • Test and verification
  • Fault finding and reliability analysis
  • Independent review of designs.

Electronic Engineering Excellence

We’ve refined our electronic design processes in our bid to strive for right first time design. With robust part create procedures, rigorous design review gates and good old attention to detail we’re proud that our engineering standards help to save our clients development time and cost.

Generation of Chirp Signal

Signal Processing and Algorithm Development
With a team of highly knowledgeable digital engineers, Slipstream Design has experience of developing a wide range of FPGA designs including those for signal processing with its associated algorithm development.

As specialists in high speed circuitry, we regularly work at GHz speeds to achieve real time signal processing.

Our experience guides device selection and system partition to ensure implementation is cost effective and considerate of power consumption.

By using system simulation and modelling tools such as MATLAB, Simulink and MathCad we ensure our designs and associated custom logic in VHDL is vigorously tested. Achieving conditions difficult or impossible to achieve in a laboratory setting, simulation provides

Slipstream Design has assisted our clients with the development of:

  • Radar signal processors
  • Transponders
  • Digital processing platforms using Direct Digital Synthesis

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