RF and Power Amplifier Design Expertise

Slipstream Design provides responsive RF and Power Amplifier design services to the Communication, Aerospace and Security industries.

With a specialised interest in wireless applications that require high power, robust and compact technologies, Slipstream Design has assisted our clients with the development of:

  • Power Amplifiers
  • Receivers and Transceivers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Up converters
  • High Performance Filters

What Sets Us Apart?

  • GaN, GaAs and LDMOS technologies
  • High frequency Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)
  • Efficiency enhancement techniques (Doherty)
  • Holistic consideration for system level requirements
  • Provision for parameter adjustment
  • Inherent flexibility for ease and speed of system integration
  • Proven RF and power amplifier design processes
  • Thorough design review gates

RF Filter

RF Design

Radio frequency, microwave and power amplifier design are at the core of Slipstream Design’s expertise. We’ve developed a reputation for providing high quality RF sub-system and product development services in the cellular bands through to 40GHz.

Working closely as part of your development team or as a stand alone R&D function, our high caliber engineers can take Radio and RF designs from concept to prototype, through to volume production. When resource is tight we can pick up discrete development tasks to run in parallel with your in-house team ensuring you keep on track and deliver on time.

Power Amplifier Design

Our power amplifier design experts and consultants have specialised knowledge of high power amplifier development using GaAs, GaN and LDMOS technologies. We regularly work within the X, S, Ka and Ku bands at >150W and have indepth experience of solid state.

Whether we’re troubleshooting an existing power amplifier design or prototyping a novel circuit using the latest devices our original thinking and experience allow us to deliver leading technology.

Applications for our power amplifier designs have included radar systems, transponder systems, mobile and tactical communication systems and cellular base stations.

Doherty Power Amplifier

Power Amplifier Configuration

Our RF engineers and consultants work closely with our software experts to implement the control and monitoring features common in modern power amplifiers. We have experience of implementing features such as temperature compensation, high speed bias pulsing, variable attenuation and bias setting and storage.

Applying our intuitive software and test solutions , we can build bespoke graphical user interfaces to provide both manual and automated control of power amplifier hardware. This allows for simple tuning and adjustment during both development and production.

Power Amplifier Control Electronics

As well as designing radio frequency and microwave circuits, Slipstream Design has developed high performance control electronics for power amplifiers including high speed switching circuitry, protection circuitry for D-mode (negative bias applications) and interlock circuitry for safety.

Example Power Amplifier Design Projects include:

  • High efficiency multilevel Doherty for portable application (LDMOS)
  • GaN and GaAs Solid State Power Amplifiers (cellular to Ku Band)
  • Conventional LDMOS Class AB amplifier
  • UHF & VHF High Power Amplifier Pallets
  • X Band Power Amplifier and Upconverter
  • X Band GaN power amplifier

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