Slipstream Design FEA of a bike frame

FEA (also known as Finite Element Method) enables products to be tested in a virtual environment quickly and at low cost. Using 3D models we apply materials, loads and constraints to test, analyse and refine product designs.

Slipstream has used FEA to test products used in a range of industries, including automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering and renewable energies. The technology can be applied to most engineering disciplines including structural, electromagnetism, fluid dynamics, machine design, acoustics, vibration and thermal.

Basic steps to solving an engineering problem using FEA include:

  1. De-featuring – we suppress or remove model geometry/features which are not required for the purpose of the analysis.
  2. Preprocessing – we define the type of analysis, assign model material properties, determine loads and restraints then discretise the model (create a mesh / split the model into finite elements).
  3. Solve – we compute results to the desired accuracy.
  4. Post processing – results are analysed.


Slipstream Design finite element analysis of a wind turbine electrical inverter

For many companies, FEA can be both time consuming and complex so outsourcing provides a perfect solution.

For more information about how FEA can help with your next design challenge, contact Slipstream Design