Project Description

This Slipstream Design Solid State Power Amplifier is a high power extended efficiency Doherty Amplifier which operates from 1710 to 1785 MHz. Designed for high peak to average signals and pulsed CW applications, the amplifier is compact and robust making it suitable for communications systems that demand high reliability in a rugged environment.

Employing LDMOS technology, the P1bD output power is 130W over a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. Standard features include reverse polarity protection, output short and open circuit protection as well as power supply sequencing.

Fully tested, this module is available for immediate off-the-shelf use or can be customised to meet your exact system and interface requirements.

Product Features

  • LDMOS + Doherty Technology
  • Solid state linear Design
  • Narrow band
  • Small and lightweight
  • Robust with long term reliability
  • Excellent power efficiency (55%)
  • Built in protection circuitry

Transmit Electrical Specification

Parameter Specification
Frequency Range 1710 to 1785 MHz
Input Power (at P3dB) 188mW [22.7 dBm]
Output Power (at P3dB) 150W [51.8 dBm]
Output Power (at P1dB) 130W [51.1 dBm]
Gain (small signal at 15W output) 32 dB Nominal
Gain Flatness ± 1dB Nominal
Power Added Efficiency at 150W RF Output = 55%
Power Added Efficiency at 15W RF Output = 38%

General Specification

Parameter Specification
I Max 150W RF output 9.5A130W RF output 8.1A15W RF output 1.4A
V Supply Nominal +28 VDC
Protection VSWR and Temperature
Size 215 x 170 x 22 mm
Weight 740g
Operating Temperature -20 to + 60°C
RF Input Connector SMA
RF Output Connector SMA

Download the High 130W Extended Efficiency Doherty Power Amplifier datasheet.
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